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Welcome To Harrill Guitars
"MY NAME IS Roy Harrill and I'm the owner of Harrill Guitars, based near Bath, U.K.

I am a custom guitar builder. I don't consider myself a luthier, and if you are looking at guitar builder’s sites who claim to be, then it might be an idea to ask how many violins and lutes they have made!

My passion is the solid body electric guitar and I prefer to consider myself an expert in this field. I offer a full custom build service from concept to finish, and all other aspects of guitar maintenance and repair.

I am an artisan craftsman not a businessman, and as such have no interest in keeping up with the "Big Boys". I charge a reasonable rate for my services and never have any more than two builds on the go at any one time.

I prefer to immerse myself in a project completely rather than building multiple runs of a particular model, as much for my artistic interest as anything else.

The cost of a hand made electric guitar may not be as expensive as you might think? Drop me a line or give me a call on 07985 161999 for further information on my services."

Roy Harrill, Proprietor.

Custom Made Guitars & Basses By Harrill Guitars
Custom made bass by Harrill Guitars
ESSENTIALLY, A GUITAR is a collection of wood and metal, mathematically joined together to become a tool for an artist to express themselves.

My build process starts with as much communication and fact finding as is possible. I want to know you! Not only as a player, but about what makes you tick, what motivates you.

What I offer is the reassurance of having exactly what you want, how you want it.

It's your guitar, your spirit and ideas translated into physical form by a passionate, highly-skilled, experienced craftsman. It's a one-off!

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Hand Crafted Lap Steel Guitars By Harrill Guitars
Lap steel guitar by Harrill Guitars
AS THE NAME suggests, the lap steel guitar is generally placed on the musician’s lap and played with a steel or tone bar.

I began my guitar building journey by making myself a lap steel, which came to be known as the "Granny Mills".

Lap steels are often little more than planks with strings! I strive to create instruments that are beautiful and exciting.

Find out more about my lap steel guitars here.
Guitar Repair, Restoration And Tech Service By Harrill Guitars
Repair, restoration and tech service by Harrill Guitars
THERE’S LIFE IN the old dog yet!

I love creating beautiful musical instruments, but sometimes a mercy mission is just as important! I also offer a guitar doctor service.

Do you own a Les Paul with a (horribly common) snapped scarf joint? No problem! Buzzing fretboards on your vintage Strat? Sorted!

Old frets with grooves like a cheese grater? Done! Nasty old electronics with all the subtlety of a chest clinic? Cured! Full repair, restoration and tech services are available.

Please feel free to email me or call 07985 161999 to discuss your guitar repair needs.
Harrill Guitars Bass guitar by Harrill Guitars
Harrill Guitars